EAN Code / Package Code : 8008277032177 8008277039329

Producer : Itaalia - Italy

Importer : PRO Kosmeetika OÜ

Pack : 250 ml

Alter Ego Passion Color Mask

The formula of the coloring cream Passion Color Mask is enriched with INCA OIL, a nourishing oil, extracted from the homonymous plant native to Peru, rich in essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants:

    leaves the hair structure soft and easy to manage
    eliminates frizz
    give softness and manageability
    exceptional restructuring and anti-age properties

    fast and easy to use
    acid pH (3,5) pH perfect for treating colored and treated structures
    instantly enhances, illuminates and intensifies natural and cosmetic colors
    restores tone intensity and exceptional brilliance
    revives cosmetic colors in-between salon visits
    stain-free and build-up free